OK.  You've made it!
You endured the nail biting showings, documents, negotiations, and packing.  WHEW!   ACCEPTED OFFER!   So now all you need to think about is a good clean closing, right?  Below are a few suggestions from 20 years of being a REALTOR® in Michigan.  As always, check with your trusted REALTOR® for specific details. 
1.  Know where you are going.
2.  Bring your drivers license.
3.  No personal checks. (Those don't work at the title company)  A cashier's check payable to yourself or the title company.
4.  Do NOT send wiring instructions via email or text.  Too many hackers.
5.  Review closing documents prior to sitting down at the closing.  That's the time to ask questions :)
6.  Often best to save the majority of final talking bits, discussions about home details, friendly chat during the close until the end, when final copies are being made.
7.  Don't forget your reader glasses if you need them.
8.  *IMPORTANT*  If you are taking your check out of state, there may be a 10 day hold on your funds, so arranging for a wire with your REALTOR may be your best option.
9.  IF your home is in a trust, the title will need a copy of the CERTIFICATE OF TRUST.  IF you are receiving funds from the sale of a home IN a trust, there MUST be an account set up IN THAT TRUST NAME in order to deposit the check.
10.  Lastly, try to relax.  Deep breaths.  It is surely the culmination of one journey, and a wide open door to another!
Closing Time